Casinos In Nevada Rake In $1bn In December

Casinos In Nevada Rake In $1bn In December

USA – Figures released today by the Nevada gaming regulators have shown that casino establishments in the state of Nevada raked in one billion dollars in the month of December last year, taking the total annual gaming revenue to twelve billion overall.

The latest data show a one percent increase on the previous year and a five percent increase in December against the same period in 2018.

Revenues from casinos on the Las Vegas Strip were marginally down compared with the year before.

However, with the positive trend in December, The Silver State collected more than fifty million dollars in taxes, almost a three percent increase from the previous year.

The house winnings for the month reached one billion dollars, a figure hit six times before throughout the year and further analysis showed that there had been a consistent growth of more than one percent in table game and slots winnings on average over ten years.

Managing Director and Equity Analyst at Macquarie Securities since 2007 commented on the results on the Las Vegas Strip:

“[Figures] were slightly weaker than we expected but the revenue per available room trends appear to be healthy.”

Data showed that gaming revenue throughout the state varied.

There was more than a combined forty percent increase in the south and a eight percent decline in the north.

Sportsbooks in the Oregon and Idaho bordered state of Nevada also experienced an almost ten percent increase for the year 2019 compared with the previous year, totalling more than $320 million in gaming revenues overall.

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