Kitakyushu Pulls Out Of Japan Integrated Resort Race

Kitakyushu Pulls Out Of Japan Integrated Resort Race

Japan – It has been announced today that the Japanese city of Kitakyushu has pulled out of the race to be one of the three licensee’s for the new integrated resorts planned by the government of Japan.

Kitakyushu is located in the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan and has an estimated population of almost 1 million. The city has had a gross domestic product of fifty-five billion dollars.

Initially, Kitakyushu was among 8 cities in the East Asian nation looking to put together a bid proposal to become one of Japan’s gambling integrated resort regions, but has said that it no longer wants to pursue the bid.

It is reported that there were a number of factors in the decision not to pursue the interests of landing a license, including; lack of site suitability, high development risk, lack of local support for Kitakyushu integrated resort and insufficient timescales.

Details are circulating with regards to the decision and the many factors that outline why Kitakyushu would not have been a viable choice for a integrated resort, including enough interested parties.

Plus a heavy capital investment of around three and a half billion Euro was a figure suggested as a minimum commitment to such a project.

It is reported that the city’s officials will look at investing in other projects and will continue with plans to bring a theme park and convention centre to region in the near future.

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