Vice Chair Of European Casino Association Steps Down

Vice Chair Of European Casino Association Steps Down

It has been announced today that the vice chair of the European Casino Association, formerly European Casino Forum, has resigned from her position.

Tracy Damestani, who was elected vice chair of the European Casino Association in 2015, has stepped down from the role after dedicating 5 years to the association.

The European Casino Association, or ECA for short, represents the interests of almost one thousand casino establishments in Europe, who’s main objective is to address issues that arise within casinos or due to their business actions.

Tracy Damestani commented on her decision and the associations record over the last five years:

“It is with extreme sadness that I tender my resignation. I thank the ECA board, its chair and all our wonderful colleagues across the membership for collaborating and progressing our excellent projects within land-based casinos; my sincere good wishes for the future.”

Current chairman at the European Casino Association Per Jaldung said:

“Within the ECA, Ms Damestani has emphasised the importance of supporting women in the gambling industry before the term gender diversity became mainstream. Working closely for several years with Ms Damestani – on issues related to responsible gambling, GDPR and other important topics for our industry as well as trade organisation management – has been a great experience.”

Jaldung expanded on what the decision means going forward and the future of the association:

“Her contributions to the ECA are very valuable. She will be missed, but we know she will continue to be an ambassador for the land-based casino industry at different levels. Her involvement will have a lasting impact on the ECA and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours. The ECA is now considering several different options to maintain a close relationship with the land-based casino industry in the UK.”

The European Casino Association states that it uses information to ‘work with the EU institutions on anything related to casino operations’.

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