Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated Announce Yokohama Integrated Resort Partners

Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated Announce Yokohama Integrated Resort Partners

Japan – Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated, a mass media firm in Japan formed in 2004 from the merger of Sega and Sammy, has today announced a list of its partners for the Yokohama integrated resort proposals.

A number of firms have been announced in the plans to create partnerships with Tokyo based Sega Sammy, which currently owns and operates a non-gaming resort in Japan, including Foster and Partners Ltd and Kyoto Kitcho Co Ltd.

Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated spoke out in a press release about its intentions moving forward and determination to make an integrated resort happen:

“By operating Phoenix Seagaia Resort, which houses the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort and the Phoenix Country Club in Miyazaki; as well as Paradise City, South Korea’s first IR, in Incheon, South Korea, Sega Sammy is working to acquire various know-how concerning the development and operations of resort facilities”.

The Japanese conglomerate responsible for the Sonic the Hedgehog series and the popular Japanese Pachinko games expanded on future plans and vision:

“Our partnership with Foster and Partners dramatically increases the possibility that we will achieve our lofty goals. We will endeavour to realise IR so that we can provide moving experiences, which is Sega Sammy’s mission.”

Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated is also reportedly working closely with Katana Inc to ‘design and formulation of a Japanese-style IR business plan’.

Earlier this week the firm took part in the Japan Integrated Resort Expo, an event in Yokohama designed to bring people together from both sides of the legal gambling debate and possible integrated resort deal in the city.

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