Hard Rock International Appeals Greek Rejection

Hard Rock International Appeals Greek Rejection

Greece – It has been announced today that Hard Rock International has submitted its appeal following the rejection of its tender for a new casino establishment in Greece.

The news comes as no surprise as it was inevitable the global hotel, cafe and casino juggernaut was to appeal the decision by the Hellenic Gaming Commission, an independent administrative body that regulates gambling activities in Greece. It was simply a matter of when, not if.

Two weeks ago, it was reported that Hard Rock International was unhappy at the rejection and felt that the firm had been ‘wrongly disqualified’ and that there was a clear conflict of interest with regards to the opposition companies tendering for the project.

In a statement released by Hard Rock International, the firm outlined how it felt and commented on why the appeal was taking place:

“Based upon the evidence gathered, Hard Rock believes the outcome of the initial decision was improperly determined. Hard Rock remains confident in its submission and firmly believes its proposal is the best for Hellinikon and Greece.”

The firm expanded on details surrounding the appeal process and why it believes the evidence should see the decision overturned:

“We are confident that the judicial and administrative systems, whether in Greece or the EU, will recognise that Hard Rock International has been unfairly treated.”

Hard Rock added a vote of confidence for officials in the region:

“Hard Rock remains supportive of the current Greek administration and is hopeful that Prime Minister Mitsotakis will personally take action to investigate the claims put forth in our appeal and work toward his administration’s promise of a business-friendly environment and a bright future for the country of Greece.”

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