Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators To Implement Safety Measures Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators To Implement Safety Measures Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Philippines – It has been announced by the City Health Office of Parañaque today that talks have been successful in ensuring that Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators implement health and safety measures amid the ongoing Coronovirus crisis.

Reportedly, the measures also include access for local authority inspectors to have regular access to the establishments following the death of a Chinese man in the Philippines, which is the first confirmed death outside of China.

According to a local news agency in the Philippines, a doctor confirmed that the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators are cooperating with local health officers in implementing the necessary measures to stop the virus from spreading.

Measures are said to include guidance and advisory information along with education on the disease and how it spreads.

The doctor, by the name of Dr Olga Virtucio said:

“These are not trained personnel, not necessarily health personnel, so we have to guide them accordingly at the local level.”

Virtucio expanded on the importance of educating the right people about the Coronavirus:

“All of these will be put in place to make sure that our big establishments, these POGO [Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators] establishments, will be properly informed. It is really information and education that will be very important at this time”.

World Health Organisation representative to the Philippines Dr Rabindra Abeyasinghe added:

“This is the first reported death outside China. However, we need to take into mind that this is not a locally acquired case. This patient came from the epicentre of this outbreak.”

It is reported that there have been an estimated 80 people in the Philippines who have been tested for Coronavirus, 2 of which have been positive.

The Philippines is a popular tourist destination for many people looking to engage in gambling activities as it is one of the only legal gambling jurisdictions in Southeast Asia.

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