Rainbow Casino Bristol Whistleblower Lifts Lid On Mouse-Gate

Rainbow Casino Bristol Whistleblower Lifts Lid On Mouse-Gate

England – Following on from last week’s story that Rainbow Casino in Bristol, England, was struggling to get a grip on a rodent infestation, a former employee has come forward to lift the lid on just how bad mouse-gate is at the 5 star hygiene rated establishment.

An anonymous whistleblower, who used to work at the venue for a period of seven months last year, has spoken out about the ongoing problem:

“One time a mouse started to crawl up a customer’s leg – as you can imagine, she screamed and it caused quite the disturbance. The mice could easily get into the area where all hot drinks, pizzas and sandwiches are prepared. There was a serious mouse issue”.

The whistleblower, who did not wish to be named, spoke to a local media establishment about the problem and the lackadaisical attitude in the venue and provided footage of a mouse in the casino’s kitchen.

She said:

“In the video, you can hear someone say the mouse was in the hot chocolate powder. The mouse is clearly very close to where they keep hot chocolate, coffee, tea bags and sugar – none of these were covered. After this incident, they didn’t take any more measure to prevent this. It is very grim.”

During her time working at the casino the former employee said that she saw at least one mouse almost every shift and that the rodents would run around the main casino gaming area.

She added:

“They had been around so long many of them were no longer scared of people. They would wander around the restaurant looking for food crumbs at times while customers were eating. It was embarrassing. I felt bad serving food to them in such an environment. It was also worrying seeing the mice roam the whole building. I’ve heard from current employees the mice are still just as bad.”

A customer, who also did not wish to be named, took footage of the mice last weekend at around midnight. He explained:

“We saw two mice by the first playing table and they kept running underneath the table. We saw another mouse in the bar area where people eat their food. I spoke to the dealer at the time and said; Do you realise you have mice running around? She stopped doing what she was doing and turned round to her supervisor and looked at her.”

Reportedly, the local council is still investigating the issue.

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