Super Bowl 54 Draws Huge Crowds Of Sports Betting Punters In New Jersey

Super Bowl 54 Draws Huge Crowds Of Sports Betting Punters In New Jersey

Super Bowl 54 Draws Huge Crowds Of Sports Betting Punters In New Jersey

USA – It is reported today that Super Bowl 54 drew in huge crowds of sports betting punters in New Jersey as hundreds of fans placed wagers on the annual NFL championship game between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Two years ago, sports betting in New Jersey was made legal and has since experienced a year on year rise in both punters and revenue in the state.

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa; a hotel, casino, and spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was one of the first to set up betting facilities in The Garden State.

However, Thomas Gable, who is director of race and sports at the establishment said that the venue wanted to offer something different this year as it looked to capitalise on the NFL event and appeal to a wider audience:

“We’ve been in the horse racing business since 2003 here. We wanted to create a concept here that offered something other than just betting on sports. This is definitely the most heavily bet game in terms of handle. This is a good Super Bowl matchup where you have two teams that have a strong national following.”

Gable expanded on the details:

“There’s definitely crossover play… but the sports betting demographic skews younger. It’s also nice to see it appeals to both genders. You’ll see bachelorette parties coming in placing bets during their bachelorette parties.”

Gable, who has worked at the establishment for seventeen years added:

“Really, it’s all about getting people familiar with how to do it since sports betting is so new in this area. An event like this, that’s when you see the most novices come in just because, Hey, it’s the Super Bowl, you wanna make a bet – getting people engaged in that and hopefully seeing them return and making wagers on other things in the future.”

Super Bowl LIV (54) took place at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, and finished 31–20 in favour of champions Kansas City Chiefs, who have not won a Super Bowl since 1970.

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