ICE London Under Fire For Dress Code Despite Rules Of Conduct

ICE London Under Fire For Dress Code Despite Rules Of Conduct

UK – Ice London is reportedly under fire for the dress code at its conference despite introducing a code of conduct.

It has been reported today that the UK Gambling Commission has been approached about the ‘scantily-clad models’ parading around the exhibition, but has stated that it is not its cause for concern.

The commission has refused to be dragged in to the row following criticism of the event amid sexism complaints.

At the event, which is currently on day 2, models were seen dressed in tight clothing, including Playboy bunny outfits, mermaids and shiny black catsuits.

The firm organising the event, Clarion Gaming, introduced a code of conduct last year following backlash against partial nude models and pole dancers that were present at previous events.

It has been reported by local media that the 2020 event taking place at the moment has met the new code of conduct apart from one incident. A spokesperson for from the organisers stated:

“Show management have spoken with the exhibitor concerned and immediate action was taken to ensure compliance.”

A British politician Carolyn Harris, who is the Member of Parliament for Swansea East waded in to the row:

“Having seen pictures from the ICE conference of scantily clad women being used by overseas gambling companies to once again promote their organisations to men in suits, I can’t help but feel disappointed.”

Harris expanded:

“Time and again, this industry appears to be totally lacking in morals and decency. This kind of marketing is outdated and unnecessary and I would hope that Clarion who organised the event, think twice before doing this again.”

The UK Gambling Commission were approached about the need to take action against such complaints but said:

“We called out the organisers about this two years ago and they have since launched a code of conduct. It is a matter for the organisers to enforce that code. Our focus at the conference is on making gambling safer for British consumers.”

Ice London concludes tomorrow on its third day on the 6th February 2020.

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