Michigan Casino Not Liable For Gambler’s Losses

Michigan Casino Not Liable For Gambler's Losses

USA – It has been reported today that a man in Detroit, Michigan is serving a prison sentence for financial crimes after blowing six million dollars at a casino resort.

The MGM Grand Detroit; a luxury casino resort hotel since 1999, was at the heart of the claims in Wayne County Circuit Court where claims were rejected that were brought against it by multiple investors, who were conned out of millions of dollars by a fraudster.

The male fraudster by the name of Gino Accettola, who is in his 50’s, took millions of dollars of investment cash six years ago that was supposed to be for investment in construction projects in Michigan, but instead was used to play blackjack and other casino games at the 100,000 square foot gaming venue.

During the court case at the Michigan Court of Appeals, attorney Corey Silverstein, who was representing the investors said:

“This guy was treated like royalty with all my clients’ stolen money.”

The lawsuit alleged that MGM Grand Detroit ‘facilitated Accettola’s gambling addiction by pampering him with free or discounted rooms at its hotels, as well as gifts and meals’.

It was stated in court documents:

“According to plaintiffs, a background check would have revealed that Accettola had no employment or other source for the millions he used to gamble at defendant’s casino. It also would have revealed that he had a criminal history involving identity theft and larceny.”

The Michigan Court of Appeals rejected the claims and said that MGM Grand Detroit did not know that the money the fraudster gambled was obtained by fraud.

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