Japan Could Use Robotic Employees In Casino Resorts From Next Year

Japan Could Use Robotic Employees In Casino Resorts From Next Year

Japan – Japan continues to roll out its robot programme in more industry sectors, as expansion continues and investment in robots increases.

The nation of Japan is said to be one of the most rapidly ageing societies in the developed world and the country continues to attract one of the largest numbers of tourists from countries including; China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand and Australia.

However, as the number of workers decreases and the country struggles to cope with demand of a changing society, Japan has introduced robots to schools, offices and nursing homes.

Robots are currently operating in organisations in Japan, working as security guards with routine patrols and entertainers in nursing homes.

Kimiya Ishikawa, director of a nursing and care firm named Silver Wing commented:

“We ask residents with dementia where they are and who they are in natural conversation with communication robots and human staff. It’s hard to remember each resident’s personal information, so robots are utilised in that area.”

With the introduction of legal gambling expected next year, Japan could roll out its robotic programme to other areas, including the gaming and hospitality sectors.

Roger A Søraa, Researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology said:

“Japan is facing major demographic challenges due to the elderly wave, low fertility rates and a shrinking population. This leads to a number of issues facing Japanese society which the West can learn from. Elderly care facilities and hospitals see a severe lack of healthcare workers; there are not enough humans to do the tasks the way they used to be done.”

Japan is expected to grant three integrated casino resort licenses by next year and development and construction expected straight away.

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