Brick And Mortar Slot Machines Played Online Via Cam

Brick And Mortar Slot Machines Played Online Via Cam

USA – It has been announced today that a popular casino establishment in Atlantic City, New Jersey, has unveiled a revolutionary slot machine that is located inside the venue, but played online via video cam and streaming link.

Hard Rock Hotel Casino Atlantic City is currently offering 12 slot machines that can be played by customers over the Internet using technology from its partner Softweave Limited.

Softweave Limited has been constructing a revolutionary ‘unique remote slots product’ behind the scenes with Hard Rock to develop WINAFAR; a next gen gaming product that allows casinos to provide players with access to real live gaming machines from a remote setting.

The product, which has been rolled out today, is situated in a secure, ‘off-limits’ room within the casino that contains multiple cameras so that players can watch a live stream as the machine is played. ‘Live Slots is a one of a kind patented product that, for the first time ever, connects the online and land base experience by allowing remote play on real physical gaming machines using streamed video.’

Senior vice president of online gaming at Hard Rock International Kresimir Spajic commented:

“The psychology, there are brick-and-mortar players that have a fear of doing things online.”

Spajic elaborated on why it will be beneficial for both the casino and the player:

“This is helpful in transitioning them into online customers. This is a real, physical machine that they can see, almost like they’re sitting in front of it.”

Hard Rock’s Atlantic City president Joe Lupo sentiments were shared and spoke about why the deal was made:

“Credibility and transparency have been paramount to seeing online gaming move forward. The difference between seeing a computer image as opposed to the kind of machine that a customer has been playing for years, it may be easier to understand.”

It is reported that the new machines use the same RNG programming technology as online slots, but are played physically in real time.

Members of Hard Rock are able to play the new machines via the casino establishment’s website.

If the twelve machines are currently occupied, players will have the option to queue and wait for availability. Other games can still be played while the player waits.

It is not yet clear if more WINAFAR Live Slots machines will be added.

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