Casino Firms Donate Millions In Coronavirus Aid

Casino Firms Donate Millions In Coronavirus Aid

Macau – Casino resorts and hospitality firms in Macau have donated more than twenty million Euro in aid relief to help towards tackling the coronavirus outbreak.

The cash, which has been donated by a number of organisations, is said to be for coronavirus research, prevention measures to stop infection spreading and treatment.

The aid money will help both mainland China and the special administrative region.

There are a number of firms each donating more than one million Euro, including Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd via its non-profit arm of the organisation Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation.

The Galaxy Entertainment Group helps to improve Macau and says that the firm aims to ‘Supporting the city’s different cultural and development initiatives, [Galaxy Entertainment Group] collaborates with Macau’s different community and charitable organizations. GEG prioritizes the needs of its employees and their families in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance for all team members.’

Other casino organisations involved in helping stem the spread of coronavirus through research and aid is Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd, who is reportedly working with the government of Macau to support Wuhan directly; the destination where the virus originated.

Melco said that the aid was for “medical supplies including face masks and hand sanitizers, as well as to support the local community as needed”.

Meanwhile, MGM China Holdings Ltd donated cash “for the purchase of preventive and medical supplies, as well as urgently-needed materials and equipment”.

Today, President Xi visited doctors and nurses in a hospital in Beijing wearing a face mask and had his temperature checked at a community health centre.

It is reported that more than 900 people have died as a result of being infected by coronavirus and the Chinese president urged more decisive measures to combat the crisis.

Organisations and establishments remained closed today following the Chinese Lunar New Year festive holiday’s despite today being the official return date for many employees.

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