Ninja Casino Blocked From Relaunch In Sweden

Ninja Casino Blocked From Relaunch In Sweden

Sweden – Spelinspektionen, the gambling regulator in Sweden has blocked a re-launch attempt from Ninja Casino following a license revocation.

An application was submitted to the Swedish regulation firm following a license transfer by the owners of Ninja Casino to another company, who already had a license granted.

However, following ‘serious violations’ of gambling laws in Sweden, the regulator deemed it ‘highly inappropriate’ that such re-launch attempt had taken place between Global Gaming and Viral Interactive.

Spelinspektionen, which ensures ‘the legality, safety and reliability of the Swedish gaming and gambling market’ said:

“[It was] highly inappropriate that Viral Interactive Ltd has chosen a collaboration involving two players who have committed serious violations”

Following the rejection, the gambling authority stated that Viral Interactive and Global Gaming’s running of Ninja Casino did not meet gaming operation requirements to ensure ‘controlled and security assured forms’.

In response to the decision, Tobias Fagerlund of Global Gaming criticised the Swedish regulator and its decision making process stating that the authority ‘lack clear support in the legislation’.

Tobias Fagerlund commented:

“It is noteworthy that the Swedish Gambling Authority, after almost five months of deliberation, chooses to reject Viral Interactive’s application to add Viral Interactive can not in any way be regarded as a party in the legal procedure currently in place between SafeEnt and the Swedish Gambling Authority and cannot be held responsible for any marketing previously conducted by Elec Games.”

Fagerlund also questioned the ruling and ‘lack of support’:

“It is obvious to me that there is a lot of prestige in the Swedish Gambling Authority’s decision and that the Swedish Gambling Authority continues to make questionable decisions which in our opinion lack clear support in the legislation.”

Viral Interactive Limited also own and operate a number of other gaming brands including Snabbis Casino, Mango Casino, Nano Casino and BetOnAces Casino.

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