Wakayama Set To Reveal Casino Resort Policy

Wakayama Set To Reveal Casino Resort Policy

Japan – Wakayama Prefecture, a prefecture of Japan on the Kii Peninsula in the Kansai region has today revealed that it is set to announce details of its casino resort policy proposals.

Ministers in Wakayama Prefecture have said that their integrated resort (casino hotel resort) policy for implementation is to be revealed next week, which will include details on the proposed casino, including features of the integrated resorts gaming and hospitality facilities.

The announcement comes after the prefecture declared it would be submitting a bid proposal to the government of Japan to become one of three license holders in the new integrated resort plans of the nation.

An integrated resort typically consists of meeting spaces, retail shopping units, food venues, hospitality establishments and gaming and entertainment spaces.

The anticipated document release will reveal policy details that the Wakayama Prefecture officials expect from the new integrated resort, along with including criteria for how firm’s will be selected to develop the resort.

Following the integrated resort policy, firm’s will be selected from their tender before a national application is submitted by Wakayama Prefecture to the national ministers.

Wakayama Prefecture already benefits largely from tourism and hospitality and has stated that its policy will outline criteria to expand on this.

Within the document, it is predicted that criteria will also include a number of development proposals such as historic sites, landmarks and existing tourist attractions.

Japan has stated that it will introduce three integrated resorts over the next 2 years. Among the casino names said to be interested in developing the gaming side of such resorts are: MGM Resorts, Genting Group and Galaxy Entertainment.

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