Cambodia Casino Business Not Significantly Impacted By Coronavirus

Cambodia Casino Business Not Significantly Impacted By Coronavirus

Cambodia – A Cambodia casino establishment; NagaWorld, has revealed today that business in the first quarter of the year has not been significantly impacted by the coronavirus crisis that has rocked many Asian corporations.

Timothy McNally, the chairman of NagaCorp, who own and operate NagaWorld, the country’s largest hotel and gaming resort located in Phnom Penh; the capital and most populous city in Cambodia, has spoke out about the recent outbreak and how business has remained steady:

“We remain open and expect that we will continue to have frequent visitation. The Chinese New Year period is typically slower as participants are home with family. We are only six weeks into the first quarter so we will have a much better read of the situation over the next few weeks”.

NagaCorp currently holds a 70-year casino licence in Cambodia, which is located in the southern portion of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.

Recently a cruise ship, which had been refused to dock at five Asian ports because of a coronavirus outbreak scare onboard despite no confirmed cases, was allowed to dock in the sovereign state of Cambodia, which has a population of over 15 million.

Timothy McNally elaborated on business operation details during the ongoing crisis:

“It is important to note that Cambodia has not been impacted significantly by the coronavirus. Flights to Cambodia from China and elsewhere have not been disrupted so we continue to welcome guests and visitors. As you know the majority of VIP business is from Southeast Asia and we do not expect much change in traffic. Our business operations are running normally and are fully operational.”

As the cruise ship docked in Phnom Penh, tourists spoke of their appreciation and admiration for the nation:

“Your country did a great job. Did a wonderful job. Thank you very much. We appreciate it very much. Cambodia alone, even the United States, Guam, did not let us land, but Cambodia did, so that’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. We appreciate it very, very much. It’s been a long struggle and we appreciate everyone being here.”

Hun Sen, a Cambodian politician who has served as the Prime Minister of Cambodia since 1985 and is currently the world’s longest-serving prime minister replied:

“We don’t have wealth like a rich country but we have sympathy for the passengers stranded on the ship. If Cambodia did not allow this ship to dock here, where should this ship go?”

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