British Man Jailed After Late Night Casino Brawl

British Man Jailed After Late Night Casino Brawl

England – A British man has been jailed following an incident in a casino establishment in Manchester, in which the male who is in his 30’s attacked another man in the early hours after binging on alcohol and drugs.

Footage has emerged from the Grosvenor Casino Didsbury (Manchester) of the man smashing a glass in to the other man’s face for allegedly ‘coming on to’ his wife.

The victim was left with permanent injuries following the attack, whereby the thug, who had binged on cocaine and around fifteen pints of beer, launched the assault.

According to footage, the attacker’s partner was arguing with the victim and splashed her drink over him.

Some-time later, the attacker finished his drink and launched the attack.

The man was held by casino security until the police arrived and arrested him.

During the court case, the defendant’s lawyer said:

“His recollection isn’t great because of what he had taken. He perceived there had been an insulting remark or approach by the victim towards his partner and he reacted. Whether did or didn’t it doesn’t begin to justify the way he acted.”

During sentencing, the judge added:

“This is a case of serious, unprovoked violence. The glass was thrown with considerable force into the face of a sitting man who you were a matter of feet away from. There has been no satisfactory explanation, and indeed there can be no satisfactory explanation for what you did. Your behaviour was no doubt affected by the drink and cocaine you had taken.”

Grosvenor Casino Disbury’s general manager Paul Baines was not available to comment. The casino remained open for business. Grosvenor Casinos, who owns and operates the establishment, is a UK-based chain of 55 casinos located in major towns and cities across the UK, with two unbranded sister casinos located in Belgium.

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