Japanese Prefecture Publishes Casino Resort Draft

Japanese Prefecture Publishes Casino Resort Draft

Japan – A Japanese prefecture; Wakayama, which announced its bid for a casino resort near the end of last year, has today published its draft policy for the proposed integrated resort following the announcement by the Japan government to legalise gambling and grant three gambling licenses.

The release of the draft policy comes after a city in Japan; Osaka, released its draft policy as it also looks to win one of the three soon to be issued licenses by the national government.

A major news outlet in Japan, which prints newspapers twice a day in the East Asian nation, reported that the Japanese prefecture Wakayama is looking to focus its bid on ‘nature and food culture with an emphasis on tourism, offering a very different feel from an urban IR’.

Reportedly, Wakayama officials will recruit an operator in the coming months with a planned integrated resort opening in 2025.

According to plans in the draft policy, the prefecture will develop and construct the casino resort on Wakayama Marina City, a resort town built on an artificial island, near to neighbouring Osaka.

The island is one of ten artificial islands in Wakaura Bay and was built from fill removed from a nearby mountain.

Wakayama’s integrated resort policy draft includes details of the proposed facilities, which include an international conference centre and gaming venue. It is reported that part of the focus is for the area to become a tourist hotspot for the Kii Peninsula, the largest peninsula on the island of Honshu.

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