Money Laundering Inquiry Launched With Canadian Gaming Firm Among Participants

Money Laundering Inquiry Launched With Canadian Gaming Firm Among Participants

Canada – It has been announced that a public money laundering inquiry is being launched today amid serious impact on local communities in British Columbia, the westernmost province in Canada, situated near the Rocky Mountains.

Among the names on the list of participants is Canadian gaming, entertainment and hospitality company, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange; Great Canadian Gaming, which owns and operates River Rock Casino; the largest casino in the province of British Columbia.

David Eby, a lawyer and Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, serving as Attorney General, said that the consequences of money laundering in the Canadian province are ‘serious and on-going’ and that:

“Despite working hard, despite following the rules, (families are) competing directly with off-shore trusts, numbered companies, straw buyers, tax evaders and criminals for a place to live. They’re competing and they know they’re not winning and they’re angry.”

A general purpose committee meeting is expected to take place later today and the City of Richmod; a member municipality of Metro Vancouver, has gathered feedback by Cecilia Achiam,  General Manager and Community Safety at City of Richmond, on legislation and regulations relating to money laundering.

David Eby added:

“The commission’s full allegiance must be to the people of British Columbia and to no other interest, priority or agenda. Should the commission uncover potential criminal wrong-doing, the government has respectfully requested the commission work in a way that minimizes any risk to any prosecution.”

The participant of the inquiry the Great Canadian Gaming company currently owns and operates more than 20 gaming establishments in three major areas of Canada; Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. Venues include; Casino Nova Scotia Halifax, Casino Ajax at Ajax Downs, Shorelines Casino Belleville, River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver in Coquitlam and Chances Maple Ridge in Maple Ridge.

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