Asian Casino Cruise Company Responding To Coronavirus Challenges

Asian Casino Cruise Company Responding To Coronavirus Challenges

Hong Kong – An Asian casino cruise operator; Genting Hong Kong, has spoke out about how it is responding to challenges in Asia following the coronavirus outbreak and the spread of the disease, which has had a serious and potentially long-term damaging impact on gaming revenue in many parts of Asia, including the gambling capital Macau.

The firm, which is a member of the Malaysian Genting Group that owns Crystal Cruises, Dream Cruises and Star Cruises, says that business in the cruise industry will continue to be challenging because of the virus and the devastating impact of it spreading throughout Asia and Europe.

Genting Hong Kong stated over the weekend:

“The ultimate economic damage from this ongoing epidemic in the People’s Republic of China is still under assessment, but efforts have been made to mitigate the impact to the group.”

The company operates the famous Genting Dream, a cruise ship of Dream Cruises that operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brunei.

Recently, the cruising brand cancelled many of its planned trips over the coming months and that it had suspended departures from Singapore ‘to help curtail the spread of Covid-19 and because of tightening travel restrictions by various countries’.

Genting Hong Kong added:

“However, the group is confident and committed to long-term growth in the Asian cruise market – which it has been operating in for more than 26 years… [The company is] proactively responding to the challenges to ensure the overall progress of its business operations is not derailed beyond temporary inconvenience.”

The news comes after British nationals were returned to the UK after being rescued from an infected cruise ship near Japan. Reportedly, four passengers had tested positive for coronavirus after being OK’d to fly and landing in Britain.

Among those rescued and returned to the UK said:

“We were told no one would be on the flight unless they tested negative – that obviously isn’t the case… They let them fly without the results, so they have put us in a position where we now could have it too.”

A professor of health protection at a University in England commented:

“How anybody would think that you could actually take samples from people to make sure they’re not positive and then put them on a plane to tell them a few days later is indefensible.”

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