South Korean Casino Closes Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

South Korean Casino Closes Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

South Korea – A casino establishment in South Korea; Kangwon Land Casino, based in Gangwon Province, has closed temporarily following the highest possible alert response from the national government amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The announcement was made in a filing to the Korea Exchange today, which will see the only gambling resort in South Korea that native South Korean’s are legally allowed to wager shut its doors until Wednesday 26th February 2020.

Kangwon Land Casino is the largest South Korean casino and generates almost half of the entire gambling revenue in South Korea each year. The venue is currently the only place where the country’s nationals can play casino games legally and also has a large number of tourists.

Following the government announcement to raise the nations response to Coronavirus to the highest possible alert, marking the 3 day closure of the casino, it is estimated that it will cost Kangwon Land Casino almost one billion dollars overall.

It is reported that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea has risen to over six hundred.

Reportedly north of the border, North Korea has quarantined almost 400 visitors as a preventative measure against Coronavirus following the news that seven people had died in South Korea and more than 7,000 army troops were quarantined after around 10 confirmed cases of coronavirus in military personnel.

Kangwon Land Casino covers has a gaming floor of approximately twenty-seven thousand square metres and consists of more than 200 tables for card games and over one-thousand gaming machines. The Summitas Club is a casino area for VIPs only and is usually open from 10am until 6am every day.

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