South Korea Casino To Remain Open Despite Coronavirus Spike

South Korea Casino To Remain Open Despite Coronavirus Spike

South Korea – It has been reported today that a South Korea casino establishment; Paradise Co Ltd, is to remain open and business as usual despite the spike in coronavirus cases in the East Asian country.

The venue, one of the only operators of gaming activities for foreign visitors in South Korea, has said that it was not yet considering closure periods despite some experts calling for the southern part of the Korean Peninsula to follow Macau, which closed gaming establishments for a period of two weeks as a preventative measure against the spread of coronavirus.

Today, authorities in South Korea released figures of more than 250 confirmed new cases of coronavirus in South Korea, which took the total number of infections to over two-thousand.

South Korea, which bans local residents from gambling in all but one establishment, is popular with tourists and foreign visitors who engage in gaming activities on a regular basis at a number of venues in the country. It now has the second highest number of coronavirus cases in the world.

A spokesperson for Paradise Co Ltd, which operates casino facilities in South Korea including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and big wheel through its subsidiaries, said:

“As the government has issued its highest alert level, all casino guests entering Paradise casinos should wear masks. All staff had already been ordered to wear masks while working, since the government raised the alert level at end of January. The company is also trying to reduce risk of spreading virus by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting venues.”

Reportedly, in light of the outbreak, a number of gaming establishments had, for the last 5 weeks, been enforcing a ban on package tour trips from China as a preventative measure against coronavirus spreading.

Paradise Casino Walkerhill is just one of the firm’s establishments founded in 1968, which is not considering closures at present. The venue still has a number of scheduled events planned over the next couple of weeks, including; Sweet Lounge, Health Lounge and VIP Lounge.

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