Utah Senator Drafts Illegal Gambling Bill

Utah Senator Drafts Illegal Gambling Bill

USA – A US senator of the state of Utah; Karen Mayne, a Democratic member of the Utah Senate, has vowed to rid the state of illegal gambling activities amid concerns of a rise in gambling dens fronting as legal businesses.

It is reported that Senate minority leader Karen Mayne has drafted a bill that will update legislation introduced in 2019 that is believed to have increased illegal gambling dens in Utah.

Karen Mayne, who has been involved in a number of notable legislation over the last 8 years said:

“It’s a cancer that needs to be out of the state of Utah. If they want this kind of practice, it needs to be elsewhere because it’s bringing down all our communities, and bringing drug use, more violence, all those kinds of things.”

Mayne expanded on the importance of clamping down on illegal gaming venues masquerading as legal business entities:

“These are slot machines that are in mini-marts, laundromats, beauty salons, and they’re more aggressive every single day.”

A spokesperson for Utah Attorney General’s Office added support:

“I would hope that this law would impact enough to give local jurisdictions the power to deal with this without having to fund it like a gaming commission or something like that.”

According to local reports, in the last three years more than 400 gaming machines were confiscated by the attorney general Sean Reyes’s office in the state, highlighting the severity of the issue.

An example of this was the discovery of a Russian mafia gambling den, uncovered in Layton; a city in Davis County, Utah, which was raking in excess of 200k every month.

Gary Crane, Layton’s city attorney commented:

“[Illegal gaming dens] were fundamentally being financed and sponsored by the Russian mafia and he probably embellished the story somewhat but we do believe that that money was coming to and coming from an organization that was well outside of our American borders.”

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