Casinos In Macau Cooperating On Coronavirus Prevention Following Region Reopening

Casinos In Macau Cooperating On Coronavirus Prevention Following Region Reopening

Macau – It has been reported today that hotel casinos in Macau have been cooperating with prevention measures and guidance in relation to coronavirus, following the reopening of all gaming establishments after a two week closure period.

The report comes directly from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, which provides guidance and assistance to officials in Macao on the execution of the economic policies for the operations of the casino games and gaming activities offered to the public.

The bureau said:

“So far, the gaming industry is very cooperative in following the prevention and control measures issued by the government. Upon receiving complaints, DICJ will immediately request the gaming operators to provide an explanation and send inspectors to check the situation whenever necessary.”

Upon the phased reopening of gaming establishments in Macau, a specific set of guidelines was provided to venues, which included a required density of customers and space between table games. So far the guidance has been adhered to.

Reportedly, the specifics of the preventative measures inside casino establishments are that only half of the venues gaming tables can be in operation at any one time and there should be at least one vacant seat in between patrons when playing a particular game.

Crowds are to be kept to a minimum and only patrons who are seated at the table game can place bets.

Although customers are required to bring their own mask, it is reported that some casinos are providing masks to both employees and customers. In addition, other measures that are being followed include; disinfecting gaming chips and seating areas.

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