Philippines Casino Operator Announces Reopening Following Hazardous Volcano Closure

Philippines Casino Operator Announces Reopening Following Hazardous Volcano Closure

The Philippines – A casino operator in the Philippines; Casino Filipino, has today announced its reopening in two weeks, following a closure period due to the hazardous volcano eruption; Taal Volcano.

Last month, the owner and operator of the establishment; Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, closed the doors to the venue amid fears that a larger, more hazardous volcano eruption was expected.

However, the dust and ash from the volcano is now settling and residents in the town are returning to their homes and businesses.

In light of this, the firm announced that it will be holding a celebration event for the reopening of Casino Filipino Tagaytay in two weeks time, which is just 55 kilometres south of Metro Manila:

“Aside from the table games and slot machines which will be opened, musical shows and other forms of entertainment will welcome customers. Regular gaming operations will run 24 hours a day.”

Casino Filipino Tagaytay has a VIP club and usually operates 24 hours a day.

When the news first broke that a closure period was to be put in place, locals and tourists thought that it was because of the recent coronavirus outbreak that is still spreading. However, as residents were evacuated from their homes, the announcement soon landed that it was in fact an imminent volcano eruption that was causing the problem.

Casino Filipino Tagaytay has a gaming space of more than seven-thousand square feet and operates more than 300 gaming machines, including slots and video poker. On top of this, more than 30 table games take place at the venue that neighbours four restaurants and a bar.

It is not yet known how much impact the volcano evacuation will have on revenue for the first quarter of 2020.

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