Shares In Sportsbook And Racetracks Rise Following Regulatory Horse Racing Authority Deal

Shares In Sportsbook And Racetracks Rise Following Regulatory Horse Racing Authority Deal

UK – Shares in sportsbook firm’s and racetracks in the UK have risen following an agreement between a regulatory horse racing authority established in 2007; the British Horseracing Authority, and an independent crime-fighting charitable organization; Crimestoppers UK, to crack down on unfair and dishonest wrong-doing activities in horse racing.

One such firm is Middleham Park Racing, who has seen a recent upward trend in activity. The company is a family run successful racehorse syndication company, which has recorded over one-thousand winners. Shares are avaialble from 2.5% upwards and become a named owner on the racecard with a 25% share purchase.

The British Horseracing Authority is a member of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities and aims to provide ‘the most compelling and attractive racing in the world; be seen as the world leader in raceday regulation; ensure the highest standards for the sport and participants, on and away from the racecourse; promote the best for the racehorse; and represent and promote the sport and the industry’.

Chris Watts of the British Horseracing Authority commented on the new partnership and service launch:

“The launch of RaceWISE broadens the scope of our previous reporting services; RaceWISE should also mean that we can be more strategic in terms of how we process and investigate any relevant intelligence that we receive, in order to keep racing fair and clean.”

Watts added:

“We are here to protect the honest majority and ensure that those who seek to gain an unfair advantage or act in a manner which could damage the integrity of our sport are held to account. If there are people out there who hear, or become aware, of any wrongdoing in British Racing we want them to feel confident that they can report it safely and securely. We will do all we can to protect the identity of those who contact us.”

Mark Hallas, chief executive officer of Crimstoppers UK shared similar sentiments:

“Transparency and openness are key to ensuring horseracing remains a trusted sport for those involved professionally and for the public to continue to enjoy. We know, however, that there is the potential for someone to break the rules which is why, as a charity, we are keen to offer this enhanced whistleblowing line. We will pass your Information to the BHA for them to investigate. You can choose to stay anonymous, or you have the option to leave contact details so that the BHA can speak to you again. If you do, your details will always remain confidential.”

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