Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Fake Casino Chips In Circulation

Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Fake Casino Chips In Circulation

Macau – It has been reported today that there were millions of dollars worth of casino chips in circulation last year in Macau; the Special Administrative Region of China, who’sĀ  capitalist service economy is largely based on casino gaming and tourism.

The report comes following an investigation by police in Macau, who audit annually the number of counterfeit casino chips in circulation.

According to reports, the likeness of the fake goods were so close to the genuine articles that they were treated as face value by both patrons and establishment employees throughout the period of 2019.

The counterfeit gaming chips discovered in Macau accounted for the majority of fake currencies revealed during the full year.

Along with fake chips, more than two thousand crimes took place in 2019 that were either directly or indirectly related to casino establishments and surrounding spaces.

Macau is heavily reliant on casino gaming and almost eighty percent of government funding comes from gaming.

Some of the region’s leading gaming operators include; The Venetian Macao, Grand Lisboa, Wynn Palace, MGM Cotai and Morpheus.

Although the figures revealed the devastating effects of organised crime and financial implications of the fake chips, the source has not yet been revealed by authorities.

The vast majority of casino patrons are tourists from mainland China, which make up almost seventy percent of all visitors to the special administrative region.

Revenue from high rollers from China has been consistently in decline and was expected to drop by as much as ten percent compared with 2018 figures.

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