South Korean Local Patron Casino Extends Closure Period Amid Coronavirus Crisis

South Korean Local Patron Casino Extends Closure Period Amid Coronavirus Crisis

South Korea – It has been announced today by a South Korean local patron casino; Kangwon Land, that it has extended its closure period amid the coronavirus crisis until the 16th March 2020.

Kangwon Land is a South Korean casino and resort company based in Gangwon Province; a province with a northern boundary that is the Military Demarcation Line, also known as Armistice Line, separating it from North Korea’s Kangwon Province.

The casino is owned and operated by Kangwon Land Incorporated, which also operates the resorts theme park, golf course and skiing facilities.

The closure extension news comes just days after the initial closure announcement of the gambling establishment, less than two weeks ago, due to the concerning rise in the number of the confirmed coronavirus cases in the country that shares a land border with North Korea, which is bordered by China.

The latest announcement is the third time an extension has been agreed and executives are estimating that the entire closure period will cost the corporation around seventy million dollars in lost revenue.

Originally, the casino announced that it was closing its doors on the 23rd February 2020 as a temporary preventative measure to stop the spread of the virus. However, although the planned re-opening was pencilled in for the 29th February, which was extended to the 9th March, the latest extension takes the closure duration period to almost a month.

It is not yet clear whether the casino establishment is anticipating yet another extension.

According to latest reports, a South Korean health official;  Park Neunghoo, has said that the country has gone through the worst period of the virus and is now ‘passed its peak’:

“We are hoping that we have passed the peak, taking the numbers into consideration, and cautiously expecting we have passed the peak. Detecting patients at an early stage is very important and we learned the simple lessons by dealing with this virus that this is very contagious and once it starts, it spreads very quickly and in very wide areas.”

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