London Based Sportsbook Issues Guidance On Credit Card Payments Ahead Of Ban

London Based Sportsbook Issues Guidance On Credit Card Payments Ahead Of Ban

UK – A London based sportsbook; William Hill plc, has today issued guidance on credit card payments for sports betting and online gambling ahead of the nationwide ban, announced by the UK government in an attempt to curb problem gambling.

The bookmaker, which employs over sixteen-thousand employees and is listed on the London Stock Exchange, has sent out correspondence regarding the changes for existing customers along with a public display of criteria for any potential new customers looking to sign up with the sportsbook firm.

William Hill has outlined that:

‘From 14th April 2020, new industry regulations mean we will no longer be allowed to accept deposits from credit cards. This change applies to all our accounts and products for residents of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.’

The changes, which will affect not just William Hill, but all gambling operators in the United Kingdom, will mean that any customer that is currently using a credit card as their primary payment method; will need to update it before the new regulation comes in.

At present, third party e-wallets such as PayPal are allowed as a source of depositing, providing that the account is not credit card funded.

For customers that are currently registered with any UK sportsbook or gambling operator, they are being advised to check with each operator’s own guidance as conditions enforced by the sportsbook to comply with regulation may vary.

William Hill are currently advising customers that they will be removing the credit card method from their deposit options automatically on this date. The firm has stated:

“If you have another payment method already saved, you don’t need to take action. Your credit card will no longer show as a deposit option on 14th April, and your alternative method will automatically become your default deposit method.”

The new regulation that comes in to law in the middle of April is being enforced by the UK Gambling Commission, which is the gambling regulator of Great Britain.

According to guidance from the constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, which operates on the basis of responsible gambling, stating; ‘It’s not just our colleagues we look after – we’ve got a responsibility to our customers too and we work hard on our ambition that nobody is harmed by gambling’, it also said:

“We’re removing the ability to deposit using a credit card for all customers registered as living in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – even if your credit card is issued by a non-UK bank. All operators in Great Britain will be preventing credit card deposits in line with the new regulations.”

Concerned gamblers and bettors have outlined their worries regarding existing account balances that were deposited using a credit card. However, the bookmaker has given reassurance on existing balance amounts:

“You’ll still be able to play with the funds deposited from your credit card after 14th April – but you won’t be able to use it to deposit anymore.”

If your deposit came from a credit card (or credit card-funded PayPal), you’ll still be able to withdraw back to the same method.

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