The Hoosier State Breaks Monthly Wager Record For Sports Betting

The Hoosier State Breaks Monthly Wager Record For Sports Betting

USA – Latest figures released today show that Indiana, The Hoosier State, has broken yet another monthly record for most cash wagered on sports betting at both retail establishments and online sportsbooks in February 2020.

According to reports, the amount of cash wagered increased by almost ten percent compared with the month of January, hitting almost 190 million in total, 11.6 of which was placed on American football, the majority being placed on Super Bowl LIV.

Super Bowl LIV was an American football game played between American Football Conference champion Kansas City Chiefs who beat National Football Conference champion San Francisco 49ers 31–20.

Lead analyst for Dustin Gouker commented on the record breaking figures:

“Indiana’s market continues to mature, including the launch of more online sportsbooks, even as the football season ends. The state has a near-perfect storm of success and will continue to be among the shining stars in legal sports betting even as neighbouring states move to legalize sports betting.”

In states where sports betting has been legal for some time, bookmakers typically experience a downturn in business following the end of the American football season. However, Jessica Welman of PlayIndiana commented on why the data is not so much of a surprise:

“The Super Bowl was the single most significant event in February, but Indiana has done exceptionally well with basketball. That balance is helping Indiana avoid a post-football slump, which is common in jurisdictions such as Nevada. “Indiana’s relationship with out-of-state bettors takes many forms, ranging from those who cross the border to make bets at nearby land-based sportsbooks to those who hop over the state border in cars and place bets by phone. Indiana’s sportsbooks have been aggressive in attracting that business, of course. It won’t last forever, but Indiana should enjoy the advantage while it’s there.”

Welman elaborated on which firm’s are dominating the state for sports betting and what is expected to unfold in the coming months:

“The successful partnership between DraftKings and Ameristar Casino in East Chicago, which generates the largest combined online and retail handle, crystallizes Indiana’s market advantages. The DraftKings app was first to the market, and its ease of use has kept it on top. Meanwhile, Ameristar continues to draw heavily from the Chicago market.”

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