Japanese Prefecture Announces Draft Harm Mitigation Plan Ahead Of IR Bid

Japanese Prefecture Announces Draft Harm Mitigation Plan Ahead Of IR Bid

Japan – A Japanese prefecture; Wakayama Prefecture, has today announced that it has launched a draft harm mitigation plan ahead of its potential proposals for an integrated resort development in the event of obtaining one of three gambling licenses from the Japanese government.

The counter-measures are aimed, along with a public consultation, at raising awareness and implementing preventative measures against problem gambling and gambling addiction, one of the largest concerns surrounding the legalisation of gambling in Japan.

Reportedly, the measures are aimed at Japan nationals and local citizens in Wakayama Prefecture who may wish to gamble should such proposals come to fruition.

Like all other towns and cities in Japan, gambling both offline and online is illegal in Wakayama Prefecture.

Wakayama Prefecture is located on the southernmost point of Honshu island with a population of almost one million locals.

Officials in the prefecture have drafted a plan that include core information on steps to mitigate problem gambling, including; educating local citizens about obsessive and compulsive gambling, consulting closely with people who may feel that they have a gambling problem and implementing medical resources that can assist with problems relating to gambling.

According to reports within the prefecture, local government ministers are aiming to launch a proposal process in April for selecting private sector partners for the planning, development and construction of an integrated resort.

To relieve some of the burden on local councils and to reassure the public, the government of Japan introduced a law two years ago, which outlined restrictions on natives attending gambling establishments, such as an entrance levy of around sixty dollars and a maximum visit count per week and month of three and ten respectively.

Other regions that are interested in drafting similar proposals in an attempt to win IR permission include; Tokyo, Osaka and Nagasaki Prefecture.

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