Catawba River Tribe To Open Casino Complex In Cleveland County

Catawba River Tribe To Open Casino Complex In Cleveland County

USA – A federally recognised tribe of Native Americans; The Catawba Indians, who live on the Catawba River, have today won approval to open a casino complex in Cleveland County in the region of two-hundred and seventy million dollars.

William Harris, Catawba Chief commented:

“It’s a righting of a wrong. We have now regained what once belonged to us.”

However, an Eastern Band of Cherokees has vowed to fight the decision in a court of law.

Chief Richard Sneed said in response:

“The federal government has no right or authority to create a new reservation for the Catawba Nation across state lines, into Cherokee historical territory, just to build a casino. This decision creates a dangerous precedent for all federally recognized tribes”.

The Catawba Indians, who are proposing a new casino resort that will potentially break ground this year will house a hotel, restaurant and casino establishment.

Richard Burr, US Senator spoke about the decision earlier today:

“Congress always intended for the Catawba Tribe to be able to take land into trust in North Carolina, where they have deep, historic ties. I hope this decision will finally allow the Catawbas to move closer toward their goal of creating jobs and economic development in Kings Mountain with state and local support.”

Reportedly, both The Catawba Indians and Cherokees claim the area as their land.

About The Tribe

The Catawba Indians have lived on their ancestral lands along the banks of the Catawba River dating back at least 6000 years. Before contact with the Europeans it is believed that the Nation inhabited most of the Piedmont area of South Carolina, North Carolina and parts of Virginia. Early colonial estimates of the Catawba population when settlers arrived are between 15,000-25,000.

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