Health And Well-Being More Important Than Revenue Says State-Run Gaming Firm

Health And Well-Being More Important Than Revenue Says State-Run Gaming Firm

The Philippines – A spokesperson for the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, more commonly known as PAGCOR, has today spoke about the closure announcement of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators, citing that health and well-being of Filipinos is more important than generating revenue.

Following the announcement of a temporary suspension of gaming activities in the Philippines a few days ago, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation has today confirmed that POGOs will be shut down for a period of one month.

Despite a nationwide ban being issued on gaming activities in the country, Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators were allowed to continue business operations with skeletal workforces.

However, a separate order has now been implemented, which will see activities close completely.

The spokesperson for PAGCOR commented on the announcement:

“Our situation right now is different. While revenue generation is important in our operations, the health and well-being being of every Filipino is our immediate priority. By practicing the health protocols recommended by our Health Department, we can all help curb, if not stop the spread of COVID-19. Skeletal workforce at POGO operating sites are no longer allowed” and employees must ‘remain in their places of residence, and no loitering or mass gatherings are allowed.’

The regulator, which is the Philippines’ largest contributor of revenue to the government after the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs added:

“This covers PAGCOR-owned and operated and licensed entities, casinos, bingo, sports betting, poker, slot machines and eGames.”

There are currently 56 Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators in the country, which cater to the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese markets.

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