Macau Implements Travel Entry Ban On All Non-Residents

Macau Implements Travel Entry Ban On All Non-Residents

Macau – Officials in Macau have today revealed details of a travel entry ban on all non-residents amid the coronavirus crisis.

The special administrative region of China, who’s capitalist service economy is largely based on casino gaming and tourism has banned foreign non-residents from entering the city effective immediately with exceptions for blue card holders – residents of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

A statement from the SAR read:

‘Effective 19 March 2020, all non-residents are prohibited to enter, except residents of mainland China, of Hong Kong and of Taiwan.’

The announcement comes less than 24 hours after four additional confirmed cases of coronavirus were revealed in Macau, bringing the total of confirmed cases to 17.

Reportedly, Macau is implementing the measures as a method of prevention against the spread of Covid-19.

Additionally, ministers in the city have issued travel alert guidance and advice surrounding the crisis:

“The government of the Macau Special Administrative Region strongly urges Macau residents to avoid non-essential travel during this period. Macau residents who are currently overseas should pay more attention to local governemnt announcements.”

According to latest reports from gaming establishments in Macau, there are currently almost five and a half thousand casino gaming tables now in operation since the closure period in the SAR, which represents around eighty percent of the total market capacity. Macau is the ninth-highest recipient of tourism revenue and its gambling industry is seven times larger than that of Las Vegas.

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