Asian Casino Resort Operator Lays Off Staff During Coronavirus Crisis

Asian Casino Resort Operator Lays Off Staff During Coronavirus Crisis

Macau – An Asian casino resort owner and operator; Melco Resorts & Entertainment, has today confirmed that it was forced to terminate the employment of twenty three dealer employees for applying for sick leave using fraudulent medical certificates.

The firm issued a statement in response to claims by the New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association that it had dismissed one hundred dealers for using medical certificates that were issued in mainland China.

However, Melco responded by rejecting those claims and was quick to clarify that the number was in fact twenty three dealers and the reason was the use of fraudulent medical documents in an attempt to mislead the company and obtain sick leave.

According to reports, all employees who worked for the Hong Kong headquartered firm were made aware of such punishment upon becoming employed.

The company stated:

“The Company confirms the recent termination for cause of 23 dealers due to the presentation of fraudulent medical certificates. All Company employees are well informed that this action would lead to immediate termination of employment. Integrity is one of Melco’s core values.”

Melco Resorts & Entertainment is one of the region’s largest employers in the gaming industry, owning a number of integrated casino resorts, including Altira Macau, City of Dreams Macau, City of Dreams Manila, and Studio City Macau.

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