Gambling Addiction Blocking Firm Issues Coronavirus Isolation Warning

Gambling Addiction Blocking Firm Issues Coronavirus Isolation Warning

A gambling addiction blocking company in the United Kingdom; Gamban, has today issued a stark warning regarding gambling addiction and coronavirus isolation.

The firm states that if persons are in lockdown or isolation because of the virus, they may be vulnerable to problem gambling.

Gamban says:

“As the outbreak of the Coronavirus continues to impact daily life across the globe, we’re seeing more and more gambling-related public spaces closing, such as casinos, betting shops and bookies. That mixed with self-isolation, some of us may even be more inclined to spend this free time gambling online.”

The company added:

“This is a particularly difficult time for those of us who have a gambling addiction, who may need the distraction of their day to day life just to keep themselves from gambling their money away.”

Despite the effects of the virus, the gambling addiction help organisation is operating as usual and will be running at capacity to assist individuals with support or questions relating to problem gambling.

The firm is advising people to ‘take some time to consider those who may be at risk of falling into bad gambling habits and support them during these trying times, as well as looking after yourself.’

The warning comes just days after the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that ‘everyone should avoid office, pubs and travelling’ and ‘everyone should work from home if they can’. The government also issued advice on what to do in the event of Covid-19 symptoms: ‘if one person in any household has a persistent cough or fever, everyone living there must stay at home for 14 days’.

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