Irish Bookmaker Warns Partners Not To Capitalise On Coronavirus

Irish Bookmaker Warns Partners Not To Capitalise On Coronavirus

An Irish bookmaker founded in 1988; Paddy Power, has today warned its gaming and betting partners not to use marketing materials in a way that capitalises on the current ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The firm, which merged with Betfair to create Paddy Power Betfair, now Flutter Entertainment, in 2016, has also issued assurance to its promoters at this uncertain time with a statement on strategy and marketing measures in relation to the suspension of the majority of sporting events around the world.

Paddy Power stated:

“There are still some sports taking place around the world such as football, horse racing and ice hockey. If you are promoting these to your audiences, please be responsible with your content and adhere to our code of conduct as always. More obscure sports (Very low-profile football leagues, Novelty E-Sports, Virtuals) we would be inclined to not to do extra marketing for.”

The bookmaker, which received a £2.2 million fine from the UK Gambling Commission for breaking the commission’s rules regarding social responsibility and anti money laundering, added instructions for its sports and gaming partners:

“If you are a Sports specific partner but would like to explore promoting our Gaming products, we would ask you do this in a tasteful way. Promoting alternative products during this unprecedented sporting era is only acceptable if done appropriately and with care.”

In addition, the company outlined that the current pandemic is not to be used as a ploy and only for educational purposes:

“We don’t want anyone using the current situation as a marketing ploy to try and capitalise on it. Such as ‘Get your Coronavirus Free Bonus’, or ‘Stuck At Home, You Should Try Casino’. If you are mentioning Coronavirus or Pandemic in a responsible or educational way such as updating on what sports are still running then this should be fine.”

Lastly; the subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment, a bookmaking holding company created by the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair, said that the financial side of the business is operating as usual and that payments will continue as before the crisis.

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