How We Assess Online Gambling Platforms

How We Assess Online Gambling Platforms exists to add value to the entire gambling experience. To achieve this aim, we perform two overriding functions.

  1. Inform and Educate: Through the provision of well-researched information on gambling games and sports betting.


  1. Find safe and suitable places to bet: Through research, data collection, analysis and the provision of easy to use online search tools.

This article is primarily concerned with the later, to describe the work we do in the process of researching and analyzing online gambling platforms.

The Purpose of Gambling Review Websites

The use of gambling review websites such as the one you are on right now has steadily grown in popularity since the emergence of online gambling in the mid-’90s. In the early days of online casino, there were a terrific number of shady operators and scam websites. Many people fell victim to these rogue operators because they either did not know what to look out for or were not prepared to put in the effort to do the research. To fill the void, online lead generation and performance marketing companies emerged.

These companies (the good one at least) did the in-depth research, assessed the legitimacy of the platform and operator and presented detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of each site. This type of service benefits real money gamblers in several ways. First of all, it saves the player the time and effort of having to do the research. This is entirely understandable, as most people lead busy lives and many would not know what to look for to determine the genuine from the deceptive. The reviews that these companies provide often give a summary of the pros and cons of each platform to help players quickly assess suitability. The best ones will even develop filtering tools to help serious players shortlist the very best options as per their particular needs.

One other underestimated benefit these sites offer is the provision of social proof. Many of the top review sites allow real money players to provide feedback on their personal experiences of the online casino, sports betting platform or poker room they use. For this to be effective, there needs to be a high level of player trust in the review website. If a player trusts the accuracy of information provided, they can save much time, effort and money in their search to find the best gambling platforms to wager on casino games and sports bets.

About the Gambling Platforms We Partner with

It is an unfortunate reality that not all review websites are as impartial as we would like them to be. Some, unfortunately, are owned by the gambling platforms they are reviewing. Others are biased in favor of the casinos that pay the most commission. In line with our policy of openness and transparency, this article explains the approach we take when deciding whether to promote or to not promote a gambling platform.

To be clear, we do not partner with every gambling platform we come across which provides affiliate marketing revenue. With new websites launching daily, that would be impossible for us to achieve. So it makes sense for us to focus on the places that are genuine, legitimate and safe for our audience to use. We will always work in the best interests of our website’s users.


How We Research, Collect and Analysis Gambling Platforms

We have a structured process in place to help us decide which platforms to partner with and review on this website. This process is broken down into three distinct stages:

  1. Search and Background Assessment
  2. Contact and Pre-affiliation Checks
  3. Research and Review


Search and Background Assessment

It is the first responsibility of our research team to search online for suitable and credible gambling sites. In some cases, we may also receive leads from offline sources. In any case, if a gambling site shows potential, we will follow up and do the fundamental research needed to make an initial assessment. At this early stage, the same research team evaluates information that is freely available on the internet. This predominantly involves checking data from the company’s very own website. The details we focus on include:


  • The existence and quality of gambling licences
  • Responsible gambling and game testing credentials
  • Software suppliers the company uses
  • Type of gambling entertainment provided
  • Platform stability, security and encryption
  • Customer support arrangements
  • Payment methods, withdrawals and deposits
  • Bonuses and promotions offered
  • Languages and currencies supported
  • Country and regions serviced
  • Basic company info and trading details
  • Any other relevant information.

These are preliminary checks that anyone with an internet connection can do. With the information gathered, we use a combination of statistical analysis and professional judgement to decide whether we think the site in question is a safe and legitimate establishment.


Contact and Pre Affiliation Checks

Only when a platform passes these initial background assessments will we attempt to make contact and establish a dialogue. This stage requires a greater focus on the business owner and operator. We aim to gather the kind of information that will help us understand the level of experience the company has and how secure they are on a financial level. We also take the opportunity to verify the details and information that we wish to publish on our platform search and review pages.


Before we make a final decision on whether to move forward and partner, our researchers conduct several verification checks. The principle purpose of this is to ensure that published information and the details provided to us are correct, honest and accurate. These pre-affiliation checks confirm that factual data available online aligns with the claims the company makes about their business. We verify things like:


  • Domain Registration Details – who owns it and date of registration.
  • Internet Archive checks using tools like the ‘way back machine’.
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking tells us how much traffic a website receives.
  • Company background searches through institutions such as ‘Companies House’.
  • Verification of licensing details.
  • Online reputation assessment.

Once this stage is complete and passed to our satisfaction, the affiliate manager will proceed to establish a partnership arrangement.


Research and Review

When we are satisfied that a platform can potentially offer something of value to our gambling community, the real work of conducting independent and unbiased reviews commences. employs the expertise of experienced third-party contractors to undertake this part of the process. Their objective is to craft critical reviews that offer real insight and benefit to our readers. The review team focusses on the experience a player can expect with each platform. They analyse the good and bad aspects of every platform compared with industry benchmarks.

Part of the procedure of conducting a thorough casino, bookmaker or poker platform review entails contacting the operator’s customer service. We do this to assess the level of performance players can expect from the customer service facilities available. We are particularly keen to learn the speed of service response, and standards of professionalism and helpfulness. It can sometimes happen that during a review, we become alarmed by some aspects of the operator’s performance. In such instances, we would typically continue with the analysis and publish our findings and conclusions as we see it. Further information on how we review and rate online gambling sites are available on this website.


Final Thoughts

We firmly believe that in contrast to a great many of our competitors in the gambling review industry, our policies and procedures for assessment are amongst the most thorough and comprehensive in the industry. This is not to say we are perfect, and we don’t make mistakes. For this reason, we never claim that our methods of researching, data collection and analysis are perfect. Neither do we claim that our reviews are 100% accurate. Casino reviews even when conducted honestly, fairly, and without bias, can but subjective and a matter of personal judgement.

Irrespective of our shortcomings, will continue to strive for excellence in our field of gambling platform reviews. Our processes and policies will also evolve as we seek to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. One thing that won’t ever change is our commitment to our gambling community and users of this website. Our only priority will always be to act in your best interests.

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