Hong Kong-Macau Casino Businessman To Provide Macau Quarantine Base

Hong Kong-Macau Casino Businessman To Provide Macau Quarantine Base

Macau – It has been announced today that Hong Kong-Macau casino businessman Stanley Ho, through his companies SJM Holdings and Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau, is attempting to mobilise enough resources in the hospitality industry in order to provide another property to the Macau government for use as a quartile base amid the battle against coronavirus.

According to reports, the hotel venue that the firm is looking to provide use of is currently being occupied by non-resident employees. However, SJM is attempting to actively address the SAR government’s plea.

A statement from the firm read:

“As a majority of hotel rooms operated by SJM have been allocated for non-local employees who reside in Zhuhai and are required to work in Macau during the epidemic, SJM is looking into mobilising its hotel resources hoping to make available a hotel soon to provide support for the control work of the government.”

Reportedly, the following establishments, through parent company Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau, have already been provided for use as medical observation areas; Regency Art Hotel, Grand Lapa Hotel and Grand Coloane Resort.

In addition, the government of Macau has already firmly demanded the use of properties as quartile bases and observation venues, including Grand Harbour Hotel, Treasure Hotel and Treasure Hotel.

The news comes just 12 hours after the special administrative region of China announced its 30th confirmed case of Covid-19; a 52-year-old male Australian traveller, who was sent to the Grand Coloane Resort for observation and later moved to the isolation ward of the Conde de S. Januário Hospital Centre.

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