iGaming Strategy Firm Issues Remote Working Advice During Covid-19 Lockdown

iGaming Strategy Firm Issues Remote Working Advice During Covid-19 Lockdown

England – Within the past few hours, an iGaming strategy firm’s chief executive officer has issued advice and guidance to working remotely during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Claire Wellard, who has worked in the industry since 2006 and is the founder and CEO of iGamingXL, a company dedicated to affiliate recruitment and management relationships between gambling providers and partners, has outlined the importance of personal wellbeing during a difficult period along with keeping businesses operating.

Wellard has commented on the importance of structuring a work from home day to ensure optimum productivity levels during a lonely period of isolation.

Claire Wellard said:

“I’ve been working from home for 10 years now and have some key points that I can recommend to help combat a few issues you might face during your time working from home.”

  1. Lack of motivation

Yes, I’m talking to all those sitting at 3pm still in their PJ’s with a talk show in the background! You need to get up, get dressed for the day and sit at a table. Dress like a slob (no offence!) and you will act like a slob: You will be slow and unmotivated. Dress like you would in an office and your mentality will trick yourself into thinking you are working in an office and productivity will stay high. Oh, and you need to shave.

  1. Set clear defined working hours

And this isn’t just to show your employers you are working a full day, but it’s also for your own sanity. It’s easy to overcompensate working from home and work more hours than at the office. But if you don’t know when to stop, your personal life will also suffer.

  1. Keep in contact with the outside world

It can be lonely looking at the 4 walls of your working space, only to look at the same 4 walls of your personal space the minute you shut down the laptop. We are a slave to the technology, using email and Skype as our means of communication. Why is it that we count down to the conferences and act like it’s been months since we socialised with our peers and clients, yet we spend months hiding behind technology. Pick up the phone, arrange Skype video meetings rather than typing all communication. We all need a bit of facetime – even if it’s via technology rather than the flesh.

  1. Use this as a blessing in disguise

Think of all those hours commuting you no longer need to do. Think of all the unnecessary meetings you have in the office where you sit wishing you could be doing anything else with your time. Why not use that for personal development? Watch the webinar you bookmarked 3 months ago and never got around to watching. Open GPWA or Gambling Insider magazine’s which are collecting dust. Perhaps it’s not professional development you want and it’s personal. Set goals and start to work towards achieving these in the hours you now have available from being home.

Wellard concluded:

“Despite the global pandemic we face, as an industry we are lucky and blessed that we work in the online space and we have the ability to work from home. Make sure you stay healthy and if you ever start to feel isolated or you need to talk, make sure you reach out. To family, friends, peers or even a professional. Remember, it’s good to talk.”

You can follow Claire Wellard on her social channel here.

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