Former Manager Of Sun International Gives Insight In To African Gaming Industry

Former Manager Of Sun International Gives Insight In To African Gaming Industry

A former manager of Sun International; a resort hotel chain and casino destination from South Africa, and founder of Brainstorm Online Martin Sack, has today provided an insight in to the gaming market and activities in Africa whilst speaking with online news publication Calvin Ayre.

Martin Sack explained about the variable complexity of the African continent and where the key emerging markets are at the moment:

“Africa is a really, really big place, but the key markets that are out there in the moment are Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, just to name a few. Below that we come different tiers like Mozambique, and then there’s the rest. This talk of Ethiopia now, they’re trying to get lotteries into the market, but the ones I’ve just mentioned are really the core markets where the bulk of the population, the bulk of the gaming is happening at the moment.”

Sack continued to talk about the differences between the online casino and sports betting markets in South Africa:

“South Africa, the online gaming, online casino is not regulated at the moment, it’s in discussion. Sports betting, on the other hand, is incredibly regulated.”

In addition to outlining the differences in African nations compared with other regions around the world, Sack elaborated on the uniqueness of consumers in comparison to other countries such as UK and the US:

“I think the first place is, the consumer is a different consumer to what a lot of other people would be used to. There’s a different mindset, certainly in a way their people gamble, in the way they bet, they looking for life-changing bets, they take a lot more riskier than others, and it’s in smaller amounts. You’ve got to understand the nature of it, and you can’t do that certainly remotely.”

Martin Sack continued with tips on where the market is and where corporations need to be if they want a slice of the market:

“The second part to this is that in order to get your traction on the ground in these places, you need to be growing some form of retail presences anyway. You have to have a places that people can see, touch, feel to know that you actually have a real brand, and it’s important. And the partners that you would deal with would be able to help you through this. The third thing is in the regulatory aspects and the payment aspects, these things are complex and they take local knowledge, and they may take people that have the ability to speak to the regulators on your behalf.”

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