British-Based Canadian Gambling Firm Issues Remote Working Advice

British-Based Canadian Gambling Firm Issues Remote Working Advice

A British-based Canadian gambling firm owned by The Stars Group; Sky Betting & Gaming, has today issued advice and guidance along with tips for remote working from home during the covid-19 outbreak.

The publication, which came from blogger Georgina Scott;  Skills Academy Manager at Sky Betting & Gaming, outlines a number of structured measures for staying on track when working for a digital business whereby remote working is possible.

Sky Betting & Gaming, who’s headquarters is in Leeds, West Yorkshire, consists of six core brands: Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, Sky Bingo and Sky Lotto. In 2018, CVC and Sky agreed to sell Sky Betting & Gaming to The Stars Group for £3.4 billion.

iGaming Business Remote Working Tips:

Share knowledge and ask questions – People are happy to share their knowledge on best tools and practices for remote working. Pick people’s brains, ask questions, try and test tools to see which ones are best for you and your team. We ended up opting for a blend of Slack for team comms, Office Task for our virtual Kanban board and Microsoft Teams for daily stand-ups and delivering training sessions.   

Stick to your usual routine – Set an alarm, shower, get dressed, have a coffee, whatever your typical morning ritual is stick to it. It helps get you into the right frame of mind for a productive day of work.   

Find a dedicated workspace in your house – Try and remove yourself from distractions i.e. televisions, washing machines basically anything that can tempt you away from concentrating on your work.   

Schedule daily stand-ups – These enable you to check-in on team morale, workload and team priorities. It can be lonely working from home so starting the day seeing and hearing your teammates can get you on the right track.       

We’ve always used a physical Kanban board to discuss the team’s daily priorities but switched over to Task Office to log our virtual tickets and Microsoft Teams for our morning stand-ups.   

Take breaks! Top up your coffee, take an hours lunch break to stretch your legs and clear your mind. You’ll return feeling refreshed and ready to go again.   

Keep communication going with your team – Some of our best ideas stem from the random conversation across the table. Don’t lose the informal chitchat you and your team normally have. Slack is great for instant messaging and sharing ideas and thoughts.   

Know when to end your day – It can be really easy to stop for dinner and then log back on. It feels like the productive thing to do but its short sighted as you’ll quickly end up with work fatigue if you work 12-hour days!

Sky Betting & Gaming also own and operates Oddschecker;  an odds comparison website, which compares the odds offered by the most popular betting companies that cater to British and Australian customers.

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