US Bookmaker And Daily Fantasy Sports Provider Describes Company Coronavirus Measures

US Bookmaker And Daily Fantasy Sports Provider Describes Company Coronavirus Measures

A US bookmaker based in New York City and daily fantasy sports provider; FanDuel, has today described how its company is making lemonade from lemons and adapting its working methods during this difficult time of coronavirus pandemic.

Spokesperson Lainie Cooney said that she has been impressed by the team adapting to the measures and new working environments:

“Our employees continue exhibiting out-of-the-box thinking day in and day out and have tapped into their creative sides in unique and incredible ways.”

Cooney continued with details of how the firm is supporting its staff at this unprecedented time:

“Our mission is to give sports fans the chance to win every day, and our vision is creating experiences that fans cannot wait to share with their friends. The team has shown their commitment to the company and our customers, and we remain as committed as ever to giving our fans more ways to win while supporting their colleagues during this uncertain time.”

Executives at FanDuel reiterated the firms core principles of ‘we are one team’ and stated that everyone at the company is taking the ethos to heart.

Lainie Cooney, who was appointed Chief People Officer of FanDuel around this time last year is an industry recognized HR business partner with over 15 years of experience. Cooney elaborated on the challenges facing the company and its staff during the crisis:

“We are dispersed globally across multiple time zones, so we are no strangers to video calls and virtual communication. However, we are now faced with the challenge of balancing work along with home life. Over the past couple of weeks, our team has continued to collaborate on video calls and has taken it a step further by creating cross-functional Slack channels that didn’t exist before.”

Cooney concluded:

“Our employees have been able to utilize working remotely to get to know their colleagues in new ways. We have also had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look into each other’s homes and appreciate what makes our employees who they truly are. Whether it is seeing children make an appearance on our virtual calls or hearing family pets barking in the background, we have taken the importance of teamwork outside the office walls and brought it to life. FanDuel employees will continue carrying this mentality and dedication to each other long after this period is over.”

In February 2020 FanDuel announced that they had selected Scientific Games to provide the betting platform in current states where FanDuel is currently taking bets. Yesterday, the Drone Racing League partnered with FanDuel to merge the world of fantasy sports with the world of drone racing, whereby fans could enter a FanDuel competition for a chance to win a share of $3,000 in FanDuel credit.

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