Award Winning Mobile Gaming Firm LeoVegas Publish Annual Report

Award Winning Mobile Gaming Firm LeoVegas Publish Annual Report

Sweden – It has been announced today that the award winning mobile gaming firm LeoVegas has today published its annual report and sustainability report for the year 2019.

Chief executive officer and co-founder of LeoVegas Gustaf Hagman spoke out about what the firm needs to do moving forward:

“That we continue to focus and invest in sustainability goes without saying for LeoVegas. Our goals in this area point to a clear direction in what we aim to achieve. With our work in sustainability, LeoVegas is advocating for a sustainable gaming industry, responsible gaming and positive development of the society”

Details of 2019’s annual report will be released in English this month and the company released a statement about its sustainability, including ambitions and responsibility:

‘LeoVegas has decided to set clear ambitions, targets and measures in the areas of the Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance.

This has been done to show a transparent, clear and correct way what LeoVegas aims to achieve in building a sustainable company and advocating for a sustainable gaming industry.

Today approximately 10% of the Group’s employees work specifically in roles coupled to compliance and responsible gaming.

Expertise in responsible gaming will be further strengthened during the year with addition of new board member Mathias Hallberg. Hallberg conducts research in the field of addiction and is also a Professor in molecular addiction research at Uppsala University.’

In a short period of time, LeoVegas has gone from an unknown brand to be one of the leading mobile gaming companies in Europe and the market leader in mobile casino today. Since its founding in 2011 the LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group has established itself as an innovative and one of the fastest growing companies in the international gaming market.

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