Japanese City Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura Says Integrated Resort Talks Postponed

Japanese City Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura Says Integrated Resort Talks Postponed

Japan – Japanese City Osaka’s governor Hirofumi Yoshimura has spoken out about the situation in the second largest metropolitan area in Japan surrounding its integrated resort bid and Covid-19 as the pandemic continues to spread around the world.

An integrated resort is a major resort property that includes a hotel with casino, together with convention facilities, entertainment shows, theme parks, luxury retail and fine dining.

The 44 year old politician, who assumed office in April 2019, commented:

“The situation in the United States means that work between MGM and Osaka is unlikely to proceed for the moment. We have postponed talks. Those staff who were working on the IR bid will now work on the corona crisis.”

The comments emerged just days after the East Asian country declared a state of emergency to stop the spread of the virus.

Yoshimura elaborated on the measures currently in place and what people are doing to help:

“Since Friday of last week to 7 April we have been recruiting accommodation facilities, hotels, for treating mild and asymptomatic patients, and so far we have a total of 98 businesses offering help – a total of 202 facilities and 21,000 rooms.”

Finally, Yoshimura concluded with comments on the severity of the pandemic and why priorities have shifted:

“This countermeasure for the coronavirus is a matter of national emergency and there has been damage. This needs to be stopped. We need to be in control of reputational damages to healthcare workers and hospitals. We all have to work together.”

According to reports, there are currently almost five thousand confirmed cases of coronavirus in Japan and so far 85 people have died from the disease.

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