New Game Release By Playtech: Sette e Mezzo Live

New Game Release By Playtech: Sette e Mezzo Live

Isle of Man based gambling development firm; Playtech, have announced the launch of a brand new game: Sette e Mezzo Live.

Sette e Mezzo, also known as Italian Blackjack or 7 1/2, is an Italian comparing card game played with a 40-card deck, similar to blackjack, which is traditionally played in Italy, whereby eights, nines, and tens are removed.

Players compete against the dealer and the objective of the game is to beat the dealer by getting 7 1/2 within the first two cards, reaching a score higher than the dealer without busting or letting the dealer bust.

Playtech said:

“We are excited to announce the successful launch of Sette e Mezzo today, an industry-first Live version of one of Italy’s most popular card games. Also known as Italian Blackjack or 7 ½, this innovative Live dealer version of the game is designed with a distinctive look and feel and the first Live game using non-traditional playing cards. Sette e Mezzo Live is the latest step in Playtech’s strategy to deliver both innovative products and content tailored to appeal to specific markets.”

Playtech is developing some of the most advanced technology ever seen in Live Casino including augmented reality. This allows players to experience products on an entirely new level with never-before-seen content.

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