Sweden Online Casino Covid-19 Ban Would Be ‘Colossal Mistake’

Sweden Online Casino Covid-19 Ban Would Colossal Mistake

Following the suggestion that government ministers in Sweden were considering a temporary complete ban on online casino gambling, a managing director; Fintan Costello, of a user-driven and independent casino review portal; Bonus Finder, has spoken out that the ban would be a ‘colossal mistake’ and result in a black market boom, as thousands of residents would flock to unlicensed, illegal casino operators.

The Swedish minister in charge of gambling activities Ardalan Shekarabi said that the government would be forced to act if operators did not take their own action to slow the spike in casino gambling online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fintan Costello commented:

“The Swedish government will make a colossal mistake if it chooses to temporarily close down online casino sites in an attempt to protect players. As our research has shown, almost a third of online casino players are already looking to the black market for a more attractive offering since restrictive rules were imposed in January 2019. These latest plans would create an immediate black-market boom.”

Costello continued to elaborate on details of where the focus should be:

“Swedish legislation requires operators to have strict responsible gambling procedures in place, therefore the right measures are already there. The focus should instead be on ensuring these are adhered to rather than taking a knee jerk reaction to close down all legitimate brands and forcing even more players to unprotected sites.”

If Sweden were to implement a temporary ban, it would be the latest measures to prevent a rise in gambling activities in Europe.

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