US Presidential Election Odds Updated Following Bernie Sanders’ Drop-Out

US Presidential Election Odds Updated Following Bernie Sanders' Drop-Out

USA – Betting odds for the 2020 US Presidential Election have been updated today following the departure of Bernie Sanders from the race and a press conference from Donald Trump, whereby he addressed the nation on when social distancing restrictions could be lifted: “I’m going to have to make a decision, and I hope to God it’s the right decision. But I would say without question it’s the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make.” Trump said.

As the reality hit that the Vermont Senator was beaten by fellow nominee contender Biden and unable to connect with centre left voters, Sanders dropped out of the race the bookmakers around the world slashed odds on Trump being re-elected.

During a confusing time for opposition parties, millions of people questioned the decision for Sanders to exit the race, but an incoming college student from Florida said that Sanders ‘couldn’t decide if he wanted to play politics or go full throttle against the establishment’. In addition, comments were also made that Bernie Sanders was fighting a losing battle as he was attacked by both Republicans and Democrats. The student added ‘Bernie Sanders is used as a proxy for poor and working people in the United States… So the fact that the establishment detests Bernie Sanders is not a reflection of Bernie Sanders, it is a reflection that the establishment detests poor and working people.’

Latest Sportsbook Betting Odds 10th April 2020:

  • Donald Trump Not to be re-elected: 5/6

Democratic nominee:

  • Joe Biden: 1/25
  • Hillary Clinton: 20/1
  • Andrew Cuomo: 25/1

Popular vote winner:

  • Democrat candidate: 4/9
  • Donald Trump: 13/8

US Presidential election winning party:

  • Republicans: 4/5
  • Democrats: 10/11

To win the US Presidential Election:

  • Donald Trump: 5/6
  • Joe Biden: 6/5

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