Chief Executive of Macau Ho Iat Seng Pushing Gaming Operators To Develop The Mass Market

Chief Executive of Macau Ho Iat Seng Pushing Gaming Operators To Develop The Mass Market

Macau – A Macau politician and the 3rd and current Chief Executive of Macau since December 2019; Ho Iat Seng, has today stated that details of re-tendering for casino operators in the Special Administrative Region of China is not a priority as the government will be pushing gaming operators to develop the mass market.

An improvement on non-gaming operation and tighter regulation of junkets is on the current and immediate agenda focusing on ‘sustainable development, paying attention to nearby areas and the global gaming industry’s development and policies’ instead amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

In his first address at the Legislative Assembly of Macau, also known as the Legislative Council of Macao, Ho Iat Seng said that the Macau government would be ‘pushing gaming operators to develop the mass market and to find more competitive non-gaming elements’ whilst ‘facilitating the correlation of gaming and non-gaming correlation in order to build Macau into the World Centre of Tourism and Leisure by extending non-gaming elements’.

In addition, despite the strong interest on what the government’s re-tendering process is for gaming operator licenses, the Macau government stated that it will not be released until next year whilst it keeps listening to public opinion, reviewing and utilizing practical experience in order to ensure better preliminary preparations for re-tendering’.

Macau Ho Iat concluded:

“The government is still working on further research regarding the new gaming concessions based on the previous mid-term review, and will start the consultation externally. The legislative process will not finish this year, so we won’t announce details about the re-tendering of gaming licenses this year.”

Ho Iat Seng was elected as Chief Executive of Macau on 25th August  2019 then appointed by Li Keqiang, Premier of China and was officially sworn in as the 3rd Chief Executive of Macau on 20th December; the 20th anniversary of Macau’s handover to China.

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