Tourists Are The Key For Macau Economy Recovery Say Lawmakers

Tourists Are The Key For Macau Economy Recovery Say Lawmakers

Macau – Lawmakers in Macau – the Special Administrative Region of China – have today called on Macau government ministers to discuss and negotiate with China officials to lift restrictions on travel and tourism to and from Macau, particularly with Guangdong Province, the most populous province of China and the 15th-largest by area.

Reportedly, lawmakers Lao Chi Ngai and Ma Chi Seng voiced their concerns at the tourism numbers to Macau due to the current and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Tourists are the key for recovering the local economy. Macau should imitate or directly adopt the epidemic prevention health code standards and systems from mainland China with national recognition connected with other cities in the mainland“, the lawmakers said.

Guangdong has an estimated population of 113 million and itsΒ  economy is larger than that of any other province in the nation.

According to reports from Macau based B2B print and digital gaming magazine, the lawmakers have iterated that ‘domestic demand cannot sustain the local economy in the long-term’ and that officials should utilise its ‘cooperation mechanism’ with Guangdong Province to build a ‘special green channel’ for residents.

The news comes after Macau’s Chief Executive stated that Macau is too depending on the casino and gaming industry and that it would face ‘acute challenges’ going forward.

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